The DIY Artist’s Guide: Building a Fanbase and Monetizing it

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The DIY Artist's Guide: Building a Fanbase and Monetizing it

winter music conference

Deauville Beach Resort

Miami, FL USA



Eric A. Milbourne

This panel will discuss strategies that D.I.Y Artist’s can implement to broaden and increase their fan base especially utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The panel will also explore which of these social media platforms are still relevant and which ones are the ones to watch out for. The importance of streaming sites such as Spotify and Pandora and how they fit into a D.I.Y Artists strategy to increase their fan base will also be discussed. Finally, the panel will explore ways in which to monetize your fan base.


Bob Celestin – Law Offices/Robert A. Celestin

Greg Bloom – ChaseLawyers
Michael Epstein, Esq. – ChaseLawyers
Gary Salzman – Big Management Ltd
Edward Unger – Blue Sound Studios
Jason Wilkes – Smooth Rhythm Production
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