Papaya Club in Zrce Beach Croatia for Lunar festival in August 2021 photo by festival photographer Beachmonkey Media Team

“We not only deliver high quality media with a fast handover, but we do it without the need for management.  Our goal is to produce the content that helps your marketing team attract fans who become obsessed with your event.”

About Us

Founded in 2008, has evolved into one of the most recognized names in festival and event photography and videography.  We have been hired by thousands of festivals, artists, promoters and club owners to shoot everything from massive festivals to small club events.

Festival Photography and Video

All inclusive package includes photos and/or video of all artists, large crowd shots, massive production shots (fireworks, confetti, CO2 blasts), fan photos, little planet photos and BTS shots.  We can send your social media marketing team on the fly photos/clips for rapid social media posts.  We want to not only have you connect with the attendees at your current event but to connect to potential clients, sponsors and artists to attract to future shows.

Dj/Artist Photography and Video

We concentrate on capturing your set with the use of stunning photo and/or videos.  We can do a solo set or multiple sets of a combination of artists.  Our goal is to show your fan base your unique style of performing.  We will work with your branding agent or marketing team to make sure we enhance your image to your fan base.

Fan Photography delivers a unique solution to fan photography. We socially interact with fan base on your behalf helping you establish a personalized branding moment.  By the end of the event, we will have contacted and photographed hundreds of individual attendees with content that will cause massive engagement on your social media accounts.

Nightclub/Events Photography and Video

We love covering nightclub events and feel at home in the most packed of dance floors.  We cater our unique style of social photography to interact with your clientele to produce some of the most sought after content.  This is a necessity to establish a following on a night you want to promote weekly. Our fan base becomes obsessed with the clubs we are covering and we can produce one of a kind, beautiful content of your venue or event.

Branding/Sponsor Photography

Understanding the role between branding and sponsors is critical to attracting new sponsors and keeping current sponsors happy.  We understand the need to capture the experience in a way that is both natural and permissive. The content we will deliver to your sponsors will create a year long engagement and give them a better experience for their product.  This helps them engage their product with your fans.


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little planet photo of crowd on main stage at CCMF 2022 in Myrtle Beach, SC by Festival photographer Beachmonkey




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