About Us


There are millions of positive stories happening right now.  We help the world hear them.

Each time you watch or read the media; it is depressing.  It not only shows you what divides us but enhances it.  Our goal is to only show the joy in life.  We want to help you become healthier, be more social and to find the activities in life that make you happy.

Who we are

Founded in 2008, Beachmonkey.com has evolved into one of the most recognized names in festival and event photography.  We have been hired by thousands of artists, promoters and club owners to shoot everything from the from massive festivals to small club events. We are now adding more articles, a video gallery and user submitted social media clips.  Our goal is to expand our current foot print into 35 major cities throughout the world. Our focus will on content that makes people happy and that brings people together.  There are plenty of places to find political fights and negative opinions, this is not that place.  Our goal is to bring you things that will put a smile on your face.

There are millions of inspiring stories happening each day around the globe, we want impassioned story tellers to show us from their point of view what is going on.  We want to find people from unique cultural and diverse backgrounds to show us their voices.  Have them tell us the things that make them happy.  Show us how they are social and how they find positive influences in their lives.  We want this to be told in multiple mediums, from photos, to videos, written word to social media clips.

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