Body Shots 101

It's summer 2013, and we are in the middle of the worst heat wave on record. As the summers become hotter and hotter, we at are committed to finding unique ways of staying cool.

One of our favorites is the classic “body shot”: the act of drinking liquor off the surface of another person. There are many variations, but BeachMonkey recommends using the belly button. Other body parts are just gross (armpit), painful (eye) or require you to keep the liquor in a shot glass placed on the selected region (crotch), which can be sexy but kind of wimpy since there is something between the body and the drinker. Pouring the shot directly into somebody’s crotch is not a good idea unless you’re already naked, and that’s another game entirely. Body shots should not be confused with a “crack and sack,” a rugby favorite that qualifies as uber-gross.

No one can quite recall when the idea of the first body shot came around, probably because most people’s memories are often quite fuzzy the day after. But even early humankind could easily see the connection between alcoholic beverages and using the navel as a drinking vessel.

The body shot consists of three components; Find a suitable belly button (outies need not apply), convince that person attached to the belly button to participate, and finally, do the body shot. Make sure the navel-owner doesn’t have too much body hair, body odor, or body fat because that will create a body shot “fail.”

The next step in the process is to convince the person you have selected. Graeme Hopple, the manager at The Afterdeck in Myrtle Beach, gives his take on it. “I try to find a group of girls who have already been drinking and ask them if they want a free shot. I use a lot of humor to also get them into the mood. If a girl seems hesitant, I get her friends to egg her on.” He added as a joke, “If all else fails, I just grab the girl and throw her up on the bar, that always works like a charm.” This second strategy should be reserved for body shot pros, because if you screw it up, it might surely get you to another kind of body shot: a punch to the gut.

For the actual shot, you want to choose a sweet-tasting concoction. Sex on the beach, kamikaze or a red headed slut are all good choices. Some hard-core body shot fans use tequila and with a lemon or lime slice in the person’s mouth, but that is only advisable for body shot experts, not for the novice shooter.

Step 1: Pour shot into belly button

Step 2: Shooter drinks shot

Step 3: (optional)Using only your lips, remove lemon slice from person's mouth or just make out. Both of them work.

Doing a body shot can be great fun if done with the right person, the right place and the right kind of shot. It will turn the lamest party into something people blast their status about the next day. And it can lead to an even bigger surprise 9 months later!

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