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Join Our Team

There are millions of positive stories happening right now.  Our mission is to help the world hear them.

Whether you are a photographer, videographer or a writer, we have the platform and media team for you.

Who we are

We are a global team of independent, freelance photographers, videographers, and writers.  Each content creator has their own separate business, and goes out and finds their own local clients and stories. We use the website, brand name, traffic and marketing/selling techniques to gain a powerful advantage over the competition. The larger the team becomes, the more power and influence each individual team member has to open doors and gain clients.  We can then leverage this influence to gain national and global clients and do larger and larger projects. This will make it easier for the each team member to find sponsors, advertisers and sponsored content.

Why we are different

Our content style has been described as interactive story telling.  We do not just tell a story, we become immersed in it. Our photographers are so embedded into the social scene that many people go to an event when they find out our team is there.  Our writers exemplify a gonzo style that tells a story that is both interesting and unique.  The video team strikes a balance between reality and the dream world.  We interact with the people we are covering and not only create amazing stories but establish loyal fans and great friendships.

We are a life style more than a media team.

Content we love

  • Articles– Positive stories about a wide variety of topics including; Events, festivals, fitness and being healthy, travel, video games and indoor activities, culture, music, TV/movies, food, fashion/gear, college life, local knowledge, and inspiring stories about people or events.
  • Photo Galleries– Our galleries are focused on gatherings such as festivals, social events, and nightlife. Our goal is to connect people together with the events they attend through photographs.  We also want to help people who were non-attendees to experience the gathering through our lenses.
  • Videos– Videos are the same topics from articles but with a bigger emphasis on gatherings.

What we can do for you.

  • Provide you with a name brand
  • Give you a better platform to post your content
  • Teach you the best marketing method to build a client base
  • Get you press credentials to get in places
  • Help you find sponsors
  • Show you how to improve your photography, videography and writing skills
  • Work with you to build a bigger fan base
  • Help you find paid gigs/sponsored content
  • Build you a passionate, amazing team to rely on and network with.

What we need

We are looking for the curious, the adventurous, the socialites, the lovers of life, the thrill seekers, the documenters, the positive influencers, the inspirers of great things and the creative. We love people who are extremely reliable, independent minded who would love to be a part of something great.

You have your own equipment to produce content.  Photographers and videographers must have professional grade cameras and editing software.

Our market

  • 18-35 years old
  • Loves going out
  • Has an active life filled with interests and hobbies.
  • Uses social media to document their lives.

The Next Steps

  1. Fill out the contact form
  2. Get more information
  3. Decide if this is the right platform and team for you
  4. Purchase equipment if needed
  5. Begin submitting content
  6. Grow professionally


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