Inside the 29th Annual IDMAs

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Inside the 29th Annual IDMAs

Winter Music Conference

Colony Theatre

Miami Beach, FL USA



Viktoria Feher

One of the most anticipated annual events on the global music calendar (and the only longstanding awards event dedicated to the EDM industry), the IDMAs generate over two million votes from music enthusiasts in 209 countries and territories every year to recognize and honor exceptional achievements in 57 award categories. This is the industry highlight at the center of WMC Week. Another unique aspect of the IDMAs is the convergence of industry legends and emerging talent alike. As part of its mission statement to serve as a platform for the advancement of the industry, the IDMAs place particular emphasis on innovative artists and industry. As music continues to evolve the IDMAs have emerged as an essential platform for career launching appearances. Photos were taken at The Colony Theatre in Miami Beach on Thursday, March 27, 2014 by Viktoria Feher. **PHOTOS ARE FREE AS LONG YOU LEAVE THE WATERMARK**

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