House-Head-In-Chief Honors Chicago's Chosen Few House Party

This June, President Barack Obama issued the following statement to the city of Chicago and the planners of Chosen Few, a massive house music party held on July 4 in Jackson Park.

Michelle and I are sorry we can’t be home with all the house heads in Jackson Park today,” Obama explains. “We’re having a 4th of July get together of our own at the White House, with some of America’s finest servicemen and women, and their families, but I still wanted to wish the Chosen Few DJs and all of you a happy 4th of July, and a happy 25th anniversary, Chosen Few Picnic. Love you Chicago! Enjoy the fireworks.

This is not the first time Obama has revealed himself to be a Chicago house-head. As senator for the state of Illinois, he pushed for the renaming of a street in honor of Frankie Knuckles. He and Michelle sent a letter of condolences to friends and family of Knuckes last year when the Godfather of House passed away.


Here's a short video of Chosen Few 2015. To go to, click here.

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