Bang Bang Bang Bang: The Song That Got a DJ Killed

On June 20, “Tamanche Pe Disco,” a song from the Bollywood movie Bullett Raja, was requested by a guest at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh, India. The DJ, Arun Kumar Valmiki, refused to play it, so the angry guest shot and killed him.

The refrain to the song is “Bang, bang, bang, bang,” which features lots of dancing, singing, and a man rhythmically firing off a pistol while shaking his booty to the beat. The name of the movie, Bullett Raja, means “Bullet King,” which must have been who the shooter thought he was at that wedding party. He was caught shortly afterwards and began prepping for his new role as inmate.

So far as the song itself: It's okay, but it's not as killer as the wannabe Bullett Raja guest made it out to be. Rest in peace, DJ Arun Valmiki.

Here is the video for “Tamanche Pe Disco”:

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