Beachmonkey Exclusive! WMC Update With Lauren Braid

WMC 2016 is just around the corner. Beachmonkey contacted WMC Project Manager Lauren Braid for the latest on the conference and associated festivities.

So there are 10 days of non-stop parties. When are the 10 days? Do they include Easter Weekend?

WMC Week is March 18, 2016 through March 27, 2016 with our WMC Industry program March 21,2016 through March 24, 2016 at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel.

Why that particular week?

No real reason other than we try to stay at the end of March. We thought ending on Thursday would allow time for attendees to travel back to their homes for Good Friday & Easter.

The hotel choice is awesome, also because the Shelborne has multiple spaces available for DJs. Pool parties every day?

WMC will be hosting Pool parties at the Shelborne for WMC 2016. Great Line up of events coming very soon. Stay tuned!!!!

Why did you choose not to align with Ultra this year?

When planning for WMC we choose when there is the most availability at the hotels and venues in Miami Beach. Ultra moved their dates up 1 week for 2016.

Since WMC is coming after Ultra weekend, will the associated parties be as big all over SOBE and in town?

Yes, absolutely. WMC week is still 10 days this year and all of the pool parties, club events, live performances, etc. are still taking place. The only difference is this year Ultra will just be the opening weekend.

Are industry people, including performers, expected to choose between Ultra and WMC?

No not at all. We expect they will be here for the same 10 days for WMC week 2016, just like they have been in the past.

So everything for the conference part of WMC will be at the Sherborne? Any surprises concerning panels?

All of the panels/seminars, workshops, exhibits, DJ Spin-Off, VJ Challenge, etc… will be happening at The Shelborne Wyndham Grand. We expect our schedule to be posted in January.

What about guest artists?

In late January we will be announcing artists, speakers, nominees etc.

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Photo: L.B. Escondida

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