Going to EDC in Vegas? Please Tell Us About It a Thousand Times

For those going to Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, remember: It's not official unless you do the following:

1. Post three to five times a day about how you're excited to go

2. Post twice about not knowing what to pack

3. One post driving to airport

4. One post getting on plane

5. Two posts of you flying on plane

6. Three posts landing in Las Vegas

7. One post getting in cab

8. One checking into hotel

9. Three posts of your awesome suite and view of the strip

10. Three to five posts of you getting in line for the pre-parties

11. A mandatory twenty-five-plus videos and pics of all the pre-parties

12. Fifty-plus posts of the actual event

13. Thirty-plus posts after-parties

14. One post of the ride home each night

15. Two posts of you checking out of hotel

16. One post of the taxi ride back to the airport

17. Three posts of the plane ride back home, and finally….

The sentimental post how you'd do it all over again next week. Exactly one week after, you must post twenty-two photos and videos that you forgot that you took while out there.

I could really use all that in my FB feed for the next fifteen days.

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