Year of the Beachmonkey

In the twelve-year animal rotation for the Chinese Zodiac, we have just entered the Year of the Monkey, the Fire Monkey to be exact. It is a year with great potential for those who are willing to innovate, venture forth, and create new networks for mutual benefit.

The symbol of the monkey has been associated with entertainment, playfulness, and good-heartedness. In many ancient cultures, the monkey is often depicted as a mischievous creature, playing practical jokes on his friends but in the end, leading them down the path of life’s more festive outcomes.

Everyone needs a monkey in their lives to act as a guide away from the serious and into fun. While it is very important to be a worker bee, it is also important to get out of the hive and experience the joys that your monkey will show you.

This is what Beachmonkey is all about. Pretty soon, we'll be making a big announcement about our next phase. There is a reason this is the year of the monkey, and very soon you will find out why.

Stay tuned.

Thank you,

Michael Luczaj


Photo: Mickey Weems

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