Delta Gama FSU vs. Alphi Phi U of A

There seems to be a little online battle between Alpha Phi (University of Arizona) and Delta Gamma (Florida State University) about who can produce the better recruitment video. While this competition is completely inside the world of the internet, it has been sparking some fierce debate. Neither sorority has been contacted or probably cares what the virtual world thinks, but many sites have been running this mock story friction line anyway.

Youtube's internet trolls haven't show either video much mercy, but from a production stand point each are very well done. Delta Gamma's video seems to be very similar to the ones you see done at the large EDM festivals such as Ultra or Life in Color. While Alpha Phi's video seems more homegrown, some of the photos look like they were taken at Rehab in Las Vegas.

We will let you decide which is better or become an internet hater and leave your own pointless comment on Youtube under each.

Delta Gamma FSU

Alphi Phi U of A

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