Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

The time has come where everyone is gearing up for festival season, and festivals are getting ready to show off what they have to offer. So far this year as started off with a bang with some great festivals. One that started off this year perfectly was Euphoria Music and Camping Festival located in Austin, Texas. As I kept track of what was to come, the only thing I was worried about was the weather forecast. The impeding rain was looming over our heads all weekend, but with the right music and dance we seemed to please the rain gods and it held out. The line-up for Euphoria was fantastic, with a mix of jam bands, house and dubstep they didn’t not miss a beat throughout the whole weekend. With acts like Big Gigantic, RL Grime, Adventure Club, Pretty Lights, G Jones and more. Fan traveled from near and far to partake in this magical experience, meeting up with friends they haven’t seen since last festival season or to make new ones. The cultivation of friendships at festivals as always caught my eye while doing media coverage, the joy on people’s faces when they share the same passion and interests is heartwarming. It was apparent at Euphoria that this was in full bloom just like the Bluebells that covered the camp grounds. Festival goers where sharing hammocks, stories, and memories of past experiences.

This euphoric feeling was not just with the fans, but also with everyone behind the scenes. Staff and artist alike where enjoying what Euphoria had to offer. We interviewed a couple different artist and it seem to be across the board that everyone enjoyed to energy that the crowds emitted. For many this was the jump start to their spring/summer tours, and to set the tone for things to come. Some of the artist we got to interview where Zoogma, EDX, The NEWDEAL, and The Regulators who all said they fed off the energy of the crowd at Euphoria. This just shows you how important the fans are, these artist are here for them. They inspire, drive and motivate these artist to keep it fresh and expand each year. It’s all for the love of music on either side of the stage, and it’s what brings us together as a whole, it unites us as one. All and all the festival was a huge success and everything played out to a T.

Euphoria Music Festival started the festival season off right, and being such a young festival with only four years under its belt, I can only imagine what they have in store for us in future years to come. Euphoria represents the lasting feeling of joy and community found from being in the right place, at the right time with the right people. This will be a festival that continues to grow and be one to experience in years to come. Make sure you mark your calendars for next year!

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