Guests: David Guetta’s Thanksgiving Dinner Totally “Pre-Cooked”

French DJ, David Guetta, has been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism from his Thanksgiving dinner guests who claim that the meal that the DJ “cooked by himself” for them was in fact entirely pre-cooked ahead of time. Guests were left “underwhelmed and disappointed” after Guetta presented course after course of meals that he claimed to have cooked himself but which had actually been bought from his local store. One guest claimed that “the stove wasn’t even plugged in,” and that all Guetta did was “press start on the microwave for two hours.” Guetta hit back by contending that just because he didn’t prepare the meal himself doesn’t mean that it was a bad meal. “When I’m behind the stove it’s not about actually cooking the food myself or finding the best combination of flavours, it’s about putting on a show by twiddling the gas hob on and off while wearing a novelty apron.” To read the rest of the article, click here.


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